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Steaks! Done Right!

I didn't start pan, or open fire grilling steaks til about 20 years of age. Once the perfect cook was mastered, it was time to perfect a seasoning blend. Bone CleanerTM Steak Seasoning is just that! Instead of bringing down 10 different bottles from the spice cabinets, just grab 1, Bone CleanerTM Steak Seasoning! You can dust your steak, chicken, seafood, or veggies, cause even though it is Perfect for ANY CUT OF BEEF it is also a great All Purpose seasoning.



Bone CleanerTN Steak Seasoning




  1. coat steaks (or protein/veg of choice) with desired mouth of seasoning. below you will see what I prefer on an average sized rib-eye steak.

  2. heat cast iron pan (preferred, but not necessary) on medium heat with oil

  3. once pan is heated, place steak in center of pan. sear for 6-7 minutes

  4. flip and add butter

  5. begin basting with butter for remainder of cook. Approx 7 min.

  6. let rest for 10 minutes before serving.

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