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Chef Kat began her culinary career at 15 years of age working at local Farmers Markets throughout Los Angeles County for her older brother, Todd Bowers, of Bowers Gourmet Sausages. Working at the Farmers Markets Chef Kat learned discipline, dedication and what it truly felt like to pour your love and soul into your craft. Chef Kat knew one day she wanted to be just like her brother and make her mark in the food industry. 

In 2017 Chef Kat wanted to know if the recipes she had up her sleeve were really as special as she and the people around her thought. It just so happened a few months prior Chef started following Californias' TOP custom pit builder, G Stacks Professional Smokers and Pits. Spring of 2017 G Stacks held a Meet and Greet for Zilla Pits from TN, and Chef Kat thought this was the perfect opportunity to have folks that were well knowledgable in the Bbq world, but knew nothing of her to try her flavors and give honest opinions. 450 miles later Chef pulled up and waited patiently for people to arrive. Once the bottles were cracked open she was back in her truck and headed back to LA. Chef Kat didn't even make it to the freeway before she received a call asking for more bbq sauce and where to purchase it. 6 hours home and lots of thought, and this is how Bone Cleaner Bbq Sauce was born. 

Our First Generation of Bone Cleaner Bbq Sauce was produced in mason jars, by way of a canning method Chef Kat learned from her grandmother when she was very young. We have since changed the bottles to make them more customer friendly. 

Bone CleanerTM Bbq Sauce Family prides themselves in delivering consistently high quality, mouthwatering products.

If you are making a meal at home or throwing something on the grill for a party, Bone CleanerTM Bbq Sauce, Glazes and Seasonings are the perfect way to elevate any dish. From breakfast to dessert, we have you covered!

For meal ideas and recipes, visit our "Recipes" page!

Tag us on FaceBook ( @Bone Cleaner Bbq Sauce)  and/or Instagram (@bonecleaner_bbqsauce) so we can see and repost the incredible meals you create!! 

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