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CURRY PRAWNS - 6 ingredients only!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

For the first few years of my life I spent most of my time in Maine with my grandparents while my mom finished college. One of my most favorite memories is my grandfather (gramps to me) in the kitchen early in the morning starting his curries before he left for the day. During the holidays my granddad would hunt whatever was in season (duck for Christmas) and prepare it in the more elegant ways.

Curries have always been a staple in my household, but only up until recently did I decide to create Bone CleanerTM The Perfect Curry Spice Blend, something that is so user friendly, it is the only seasoning you will need. We don't add any salt, so absolutely salt to your desire!




- Bone CleanerTM The Perfect Curry Spicy Blend (3 tablespoons +)

- 2 lbs Prawns

- kosher salt (to taste)

- heavy cream or coconut milk (2 cups)

- canola oil

- parsley


  1. Coat prawns with our Bone CleanerTM The Perfect Curry Spice Blend

  2. with pan on stove, heat on medium with 3 tablespoons oil

  3. once pan is hot, place shrimp and brown on each side. this also activates the spices and brings out their aromas and full flavor.

  4. after the shrimp have browned on both sides, leave them in the pan and add your heavy cream, or coconut milk.

  5. now you will add a touch of salt and another tablespoon or 2 of our Bone CleanerTM The Perfect Curry Spice Blend.

  6. turn heat to medium low and allow the milk to simmer down til curry reaches your desired thickness.

  7. once plated, top with fresh parsley, and ENJOY!!

Below is a photo of our final product :)

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